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Congratulations, you've taken a big step towards becoming a member of one of Cornwall's premier sports clubs! Whether you want to play netball competitively, for fitness or just to be part of a vibrant and successful sports club, we are confident Storm is the perfect place for you!

With top quality coaching and a first rate support and sponsorship team behind the club, Storm is the ideal choice to continue, begin or improve your enjoyment of the game.

Storm welcomes players of all abilities to the club. All we ask is that you are dedicated and enthusiastic about playing the game!

In fact, you don't even need to play in our league teams to train with us, you are more than welcome to join and just come along, enjoy playing the game and be part of a successful, friendly and sociable club.

For more serious players however there are our four league teams to aim for. Members of all our teams must be committed to achieving their best and striving to do their best for the team. First team players must be especially dedicated as extra team training sessions take place throughout the season separate to the main evenings.

Younger players are catered for in the Junior section of the club. Again players of all abilities are more than welcome to train with us whether you've been playing netball at school or not. Junior training is for young players aged 9-14 (school years 5-9). Year 10's & 11's train with our Seniors.

With Storm being so successful we need to ensure we have space available in certain training sessions so please make sure you contact us BEFORE turning up to training. We can then let you know which session will be best for you to attend. Just drop us an email from our contact page and let us know you want to try out a FREE session!

We always allow everyone to try a session with us for free first of all before they make up their mind about joining.

How much is it to join and what do I get for my money?

Storm has an annual club membership system which runs from June to April inclusive. More about this can be found on our Membership Page. This includes all your training sessions plus extra fitness sessions, all match kit for players selected for our league teams, attendance to any of our workshops we run throughout the year and attendance at any of our social events we run.

We have easy payment plans where members can pay monthly by standing order or if you prefer you can pay annually. This works out at amazing value for money as all training sessions, matches and match kit is included in this one payment.

The only extra that members pay is affiliation to England Netball, which is a fee that every netball player in England must pay from Pamela Cookey (England Goal Attack) down to someone just starting out in the game!

This fee is to cover players and coaches with the England Netball insurance policy and must be paid to England whether just training with a club or playing matches.

The England Netball fees for the 2015/16 season are:

Over 18: £40
Under 18: £25
Under 14: £12
Under 12: £6

Storm has no say on these fees, they are set by England Netball Head Office.

Is there a load of expensive kit I have to buy?

The easy answer to that is NO! Players selected for one of our nine Senior and Junior teams get all match kit supplied FREE. That includes a match dress sponsored by KHK Media and for Senior players, new technical warm up shirts sponsored by the Wheal Jane Group.

We do of course have all sorts of goodies in our club shop but initially all you need to worry about is the Storm Membership Fee and England Netball Affiliation.

You may wish to buy yourself a decent pair of sports trainers. If you need some advice on how to select the correct pair for your feet then take a look at our Trainer Guide.

Great, what do I do now?

Well quite simple really, just get in touch with us, tell us you want to come and we'll look forward to seeing you on court!

It's important you get in touch with us before coming purely so we can direct you to the correct session for you and to make sure there hasn't been a last minute change of training schedule due to a game being rearranged or something similar.

So head on over to our contact page and drop us an email. We'd love to see you!

Training and matches for 2015/2016

Our Senior training takes place at different times to ensure all players get the maximum benefit from the sessions. The reason we do this is simply so every team trains together and individual players can train at a level that best suits them.

For instance we wouldn't want a player who is fresh back to netball after a ten year break coming straight back in and training at a high intensity with our first team.

This also means training groups are smaller and our coaches can work much more closely with units and individuals on particular skills and tactics.

But I don't want to play I just love netball, can I still be involved?

Of course, the club is always grateful for volunteers who would like to help out in any way. Our volunteers help with things like being the official match scorer, keeping the scoreboard up to date during matches, ensuring our equipment and training balls are looked after and safe during games, looking after the girls water bottles that type of thing. You could even become one of the club's Duty of Care Officers as there's no limit to the amount we can have.

If you'd like to become a volunteer or find out more information about joining Storm just get in touch via our contact page.



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